How to Stream Music to You Speakers

Most people that I know have converted their CD collection into MP3s. MP3s are much easier to store and take around. In fact, modern smart phones have such a large amount of memory that they can easily store your entire music collection. However, cell phones typically have very poor sound quality. That is because they are optimized for voice it not for music. Therefore, streaming music to a pair of speakers is a must.

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There are several ways for streaming music two speakers. You can purchase some Bluetooth speakers which can pick up the signal sent by a cell phone. Alternatively, you can buy a Bluetooth receiver from and connect it to an amplifier. This solution allows you to use your existing speakers without having to purchase Bluetooth speakers. There are also some models in the market which integrate …

A Look at Some Technologies Commonly Used by Wireless Speakers

There have been several standards introduced which govern wireless transmission of an audio signal. The most popular standard is the wireless industry standard alliance standard, also known as WISA. Several vendors have joined this alliance and adopted this particular standard for their products. Having a common standard obviously offers the benefit that you can mix and match products from different manufacturers. This is in stark contrast to home automation products. At the latest Funkausstellung in Berlin Germany, vendors are showcasing new networked home appliances. However, most of these appliances use proprietary protocols. Therefore, you cannot control in appliance from one vendor with the control device from another.

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This situation used to be quite similar with wireless speaker standards. There are still are only a few speakers on the market which utilize a standard. Obviously, the big exception are Bluetooth …

Some Misperceptions regarding Loudspeaker Wattage

When purchasing speakers, the best way to evaluate performances to do a test. To do the test, find a local retailer which has the models which you one of test in stock. Set up a time to meet with your retailer so that you can do a listening test. Make sure that you take with you some of the CDs that you like listening to because that will allow you to evaluate the speaker’s performance when playing your favorite music. Everybody’s preference is different. So by using the music which you prefer you will be able to much better get an idea about the loudspeakers performance.

When purchasing speakers you also want to be concerned about the wattage of the speakers. Speaker wattage is often misunderstood. However, understanding what this term represents is fairly important. The wattage of loudspeakers should …

How to Select Wireless Speakers for Outdoors

The outdoor environment is quite different from your home. Obviously no there is because whenever you go camping, you always take a tent with you to protect you against the weather. Similarly, speakers face problems when used outdoors. Obviously rain and moisture are the biggest problem. But there are also other problems such as lack of power. Therefore, manufacturers of wireless speakers have adaptive products to suit that environment. In this post, I’m going to offer some tips for picking the perfect speakers which will work outdoors.

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Obviously, setting up speakers outdoors is different if they are installed permanently versus being used temporarily such as for parties. If you’re just having a party then you can take the speakers back inside your house and don’t have to worry about speaker being damaged by the weather. Nonetheless you have to make …